McMillan | Safina Stewart

NAIDOC-031 Acrylic on Canvas 122x91cm $1000 SOLD

This graphic painting was created in response to the artist personally processing what it means to be living in an electorate named in honour of Angus McMillan, a man known for his atrocities against Aboriginal people.

The striking colours of the Aboriginal Flag have been altered to be a moon lit massacre site. The skulls of murdered Aboriginal populationslay submerged in a river blood. The full moon rises in the starry night sky as witness, while McMillan rides on horseback over the “settled” lands. 

This painting is in remembrance of those Aboriginal men, women and children who died at the hand of McMillan’s hunting raids and in acknowledgement of the impacts of such atrocities.

Being both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander in Indigenous heritage, Safina is able to draw from a rich heritage to create stunning and meaningful artworks. Read more about her here.

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