Tiddalik the Frog  | TAFE Gippsland Students

NAIDOC-2021-21 120x100cm x 2 pieces Acrylic on canvas $1200

Tiddalik the Frog

A creation story from Australian Indigenous Dreaming Stories.

Tiddalik awoke one morning with an unquenchable thirst, and began to drink until all the fresh water was greedily consumed. Creatures and plant life everywhere began to die due to lack of moisture. Other animals conspired against Tiddalik and devised a plan for him to release all of the water he had consumed. This was successfully coordinated by a wise old Owl. All the animals tried to make Tiddalik laugh without success. Last up was No-yang the eel. No-yang danced and danced until he ended up totally tying himself in knots. Tiddalik laughed and laughed till the water rushed out of him which replenish the lakes, swamps and rivers.

This Dyptich was created as a group project by the following artists:

Vanessa Dalton Gorrie

Kiah Dalton Gorrie

Peter Griffiths

Janelle Dalton

Calinda Wilton

Melissa Fenton

Andrew Horvath

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